Fast Funds ATM

Our ATMs

Our ATM machine hardware is among the most reliable. Our reputation for service excellence allows us to offer the best value on ATMs.

Our ATMs can be suitable for installation in all sites and locations.  All our ATMs are modern equipment to ensure a professional appearance. The ATM units can stand alone or can be enclosed in a wooden cabinet in a color of your preference to match the decor of the facility.

Our ATM machines are designed to provide second to none reliability with the highest uptime and minimum maintenance needs. Our machines offer ultimate functionality in a highly user friendly interface for maximum convenience and easy transactions.

Should I get an ATM machine?

We can help you determine if an ATM is right for your location.  Regardless of your industry, there are a number of factors to determine if an ATM is suitable for you:

  • Type of business or facility
  • Proximity to other ATM machines
  • Traffic
  • Appropriate location for ATM machine

We can offer a trial run to determine if an ATM is a good fit for your business.

Improve customer service

Providing your customers with easy access to cash can benefit your business in a number of ways. An onsite ATM helps your business by:

  • Providing customers with easy access to cash onsite at your location
  • Increasing business revenue by increasing the spending power of your customers
  • Attracting new customers by providing this additional service that is convenient for customers
  • Providing optional marketing opportunities through the ATM screen

We are an Ottawa based ATM company that provides a full range of ATM services.  Fast Funds ATM offers the latest in ATM technology and flexible programs tailored to suit your business or location.   We service retailers, professionals, hospitality, health care, special events and more.  Our clients receive unparalleled professionalism, expertise and service.